February 2024

University Team “Moscow Polytech” Plays Tie with Tournament Leader

On February 24, “Moscow Polytech” held an offsite meeting in the framework of the championship in St. Petersburg against local “Crystal”. None of the teams managed to stand out. The match game finished with a score of 0:0.

The game was double-edged. “Crystal” repeatedly came close to turning the tables, but at the “MosPolytech” goalkeeper Alexandra Pigul was fierce at last stand. In their turn, the guests held several dangerous counterattacks. Just a couple of minutes before the final whistle the team went all-in: pulled the goalkeeper and released the fifth outfield player. Nevertheless, that didn`t help second to last for the representatives of our University. There is a home play awaiting Alexander Pleshakov`s team, it will take place at “Polet” recreation base where they`ll play against “Normanochka” from Nizhny Novgorod. As a reminder, long before the tournament “MosPolytech” ecured its right to play in play-off. The only thing left is to figure out the final place. 

“Before the closing game in the first stage of the championship our girls lack one point to get the third place. On February 2, “MosPolytech” will welcome ‘Normanochka’, and “Laguna-UOR” from Penza who takes the third place, in its turn, will play with an outsider time ‘OrelGU-KPRF. To get to the play-off from the third place, ‘MosPolytech’ doesn`t only have to win but also hope that ‘Laguna-UOR’ doesn`t win in its game”, says the head of department for “Physical Education”, the mini-football team coach Alexander Pleshakov.

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