July 2022

Two Moscow Poly Students to Receive 1,000,000 for Business Projects

Among 650 selected winners of the “Student StartUp” contest are two Moscow Poly students. Experts appraised the Reform project and its author, Georgy Sharipov, as well as the “System for Improving Urban Environment” project by Alexei Fedotov (from Moscow Poly affiliation in Cheboksary). According to the contest rules, each of the boys will get a million rubles for their business project implementation. In total, 2.3 thousand applications for the first tour have been made.    

The deputy prime-minister of the Russian Federation, Dmitry Chernyshenko noted: “Now it is young people who to a great extent determine achieving the goals set by the president, namely economic security and technological sovereignty”.

Dmitry also noted that 216 out of 650 winning startups were related to digital technologies, 161 – to the new devices and intellectual production technologies, 68 winning startups fell under medicine and technologies of health protection, 66 - creative industries, 56 projects were related to chemical technologies and new materials, 45 – biotechnologies, and other 38 – resource-saving power generation.

We remind that the application period for the second tour of the “Student StartUp” will last until 15 July (10:00 (Moscow time). One can learn the conditions and apply on the website

For consultations contact Moscow Poly Center for Project activity:
Tel.: +7 (495) 223-05-23 (Ext.1531)
E-mail: cpd@mospolytech.ru

For reference: “Student StartUp” is an event held by the Innovation Assistance Foundation under the “University Technological Entrepreneurship Platform”. The grants received will help winners cover the expenses for legal entity registration, equipment procurement or rental, as well as paying off the salaries and much more.

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