June 2022

“TV Center” Broadcasted Try Outs of “Fenix”

The Russian TV Center held a broadcast covering the testing of the improved “Fenix” race car by Moscow Poly. The reporters have talked about the sport car developers, the team of engineers and students.

«26 km per hour. It`s like “Fenix” almost flying above the track. This is an improved prototype by Moscow Poly. It`s hard to believe that the sport car was constructed within Moscow Poly walls. The car is 80% domestically produced [made of Russian components]. It has been improved, so it is now able to compete with the global giants», - journalists noted.

Dean of the Transport Faculty, Pablo Iturralde; employee at the Center for Engineering Development, Roman Zimov; and Andrei Nogovitsyn an d Daria Pankova, freshmen students studying at the Transport Faculty shared their emotions.

You can watch the story here.

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