May 2023

Moscow Poly “Fortis” Touristic Club Conquered Duykinskiye Karyery

In the period between May 22 and 23, members of the Moscow Poly “Fortis” touristic club participated in the mountain hike to Duykinskiye Karyery – limestone cliffs in Vladimirskaya oblast, located in the state-run “Duykinskiy” nature sanctuary.


In spring, a series of obligatory seminars and lectures was held for the participants. The discussion was devoted to such topics as dangers in the mountains, belay and self-belay, knot-tying, rendering first aid when having a fracture, burns, hypothermia and so on.  

In 2022, the climbing tracks in Duykinskiye Karyery were renewed. Now, there are 25 equipped climbing routes of various complexity – both for beginners and professionals. During the hike, the guys had an opportunity to practically apply the skills of belay and rope work – climb up and down along routes of various difficulty (from 5a to 6c+), practiced knot-tying, engaged in camp setting. 


The tourists also tried on the role of paleontologists. Last century, Duykinskiye Karyery served for limestone quarrying, and even now one can fins there fossils of ancient mollusk ammonites. The hikers managed to find some of them and take samples as souvenirs. 


The club meetings take place on Thursdays at 19:30 on Bolshay Semyonovskaya st., 38. Moscow Poly students and employees are invited to join.

Also, all interested may stay tuned and keep track of the “Fortis” student touristic club activity in VK.

Find more details on foundation of “Fortis”.

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