March 2023

Trainings, BMT, History – Military Patriotic Club Established at Moscow Poly

In January 2023, as per the initiative of a student group, Moscow Poly established a military-patriotic club. Over the 2 month-long performance, the club has already held a variety of events. Currently, there are 15 permanent members in the club.

According to the organization committee representatives, the key mission of the work with the student community is introducing them (students) to the culture and history of the country. Also, by broadening their minds that students wish to contribute to the prosperity of Russian identity and, as well as prosperity of Russia itself.

The club mainly specializes in patriotic upbringing. The students hold plans to take a basic military training, course of rendering first aid, hold joint training sessions, study history and classical literature.

The club exists under the moto “Traditions is not presuming the ashes, it`s maintaining the fire”.

According to the club curator, specialist in working with the youth at Moscow Poly Pavel Kotik, the “Cyclon” club is for those who wish to become well-rounded people, find true friends and start building the future right now.


“In the period that the Club exists, there has been a “Bastion” team game, an open team training in self-defense, workshop in practical medicine held. There are also regularly held meetings of the book club and shared training sessions and self-defense. The guys visited the “Strikecon” exhibition and “Patriot” park of the military forces, and watched the “Nurnberg” movie”, – Pavel Kotik said.


On March 18, the “Cyclon” team has visited the strike ball club under MIREA.

“For us, strike ball is not only a game but also a smart preparation for strategic maneuvres under extreme conditions, the opportunity to polish your survival skills and ofcourse team building. We really hope that there`ll appear such a venue at Moscow Poly where these events will be held on a regular basis and attract new activists to our patriotic ranks, and for the University – open the doors to the strike ball competitions and other events”, – noted the leader of “Cyclon” Timur Matveev.

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