February 2023

Top-3 Moscow Poly Elaborations to Present on Russian Science Day

The most important and “loud” elaborations produced by Moscow Poly in the last years became Smart Shuttle. MIG R2 and unmanned systems for special machinery. Each of elaborations was covered by various media – regional and federal, and many TV episodes have been broadcasted, and information posted in social networks.

Unmanned Smart Shuttle

The Smart Shuttle was presented at the VIIth “Amry 2021” International Military-Technical Forum.

The unmanned vehicle is design for small parks. It can act as a tour bus taking passengers to the faraway corners of the areas where ordinary cars are not allowed to. The shuttle is safe and stands out in high manoeuvrability due to its small size, and is able can carry up to 4 persons at a time.

In June 2022, in the course of the “Innoprom” international industrial exhibition, Moscow Poly president Vladimir Miklushevskii presented the smart shuttle to the prime-minister of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin.

MIG R2 Electric Bike

Last March, Moscow Poly engineering crew held a presentation of the MIG R2 electric bike. The power capacity of the bike is times higher than previous models. In addition, MIG R2 is significantly lighter than its former predecessors.

For the bike, a high-voltage battery of 600W with an electric drive of 120kW has been created/ The bike can reach the speed of over 210km/h. When in development, 3D printing technologies were used mostly for making battery holders. Thanks to the built-in telemetry system, one can follow the bike remotely, as well as registering speed parameters, battery voltage and position.

Unmanned Utility Machinery

Moscow Poly has been engaged into developing unmanned systems for long enough. Currently, it`s planned to produce a utility machine based on the previous elaborations. Moscow Poly engineers under assistance of “Concordia” specialists are working on the first unmanned utility machine in Russia, that will clean up streets from garbage, leaf litter and snow in an automated mode, and spray deicing chemicals, as reported by the Izvestiya News.

According to the head of the Center for Promising Elaborations in Autonomous Systems under Moscow Poly Nikolai Panokin, the elaboration is based on the previous achievements.

“Our partner`s responsible for electric drive transportation vehicle development, and we`re making an automatic operation module that fulfills the function of unmanned motion”, – said Nikolai Panokin.

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