May 2024

This is Russia, Baby – Moscow Polytech International Student Arman Afsorzada

Arman Afsorzada from Afghanistan has been living in Russia for almost two years and studies at the Faculty of Information Technologies of Moscow Polytech. Arman shares impressions on moving to Kabul, participation in “Mr and Ms Polytech”, as well as his Russian dishes.


Why did you decided to move to Russia?

When I was in 10th grade. I had good marks. My school held a contest competition to study abroad. And so it happened that thanks to me studying well I received an opportunity to go abroad. I chose Russia because it was closer. In addition, my uncle studied here. He often talked about his students years and the country. I was intrigued.

What did your uncle tell you about Russia?

He constantly says that there is no places he likes as much as Russia. Uncle has always talked about smart people, rich history. He always said that everybody is open and friendly.

What stereotypes about Russian have you heard?

Many said that Russian people are bad and indifferent. Of course, I also heard that it`s cold here, but that doesn`t bother me.

Why did you choose Moscow Polytech?

I was choosing from 5 universities and studied educational programs for a while. I really liked educational program that Moscow Polytech offered so I made the university my priority.

Why did you choose this specialty?

I`ve always been interested in IT. I had some skills in this sphere and I was interested in studying computer languages.

How was you received at University?

Both teachers and groupmates support me. They treat me so well that I don`t even want to skip any of the classes. IT specialists are unusual guys but very open.

Do you do extracurricular activity?

Yes. During my preparatory course, I was very active and as a freshman I continued on. I even took part in the contest “Mr and Ms Moscow Polytech”. Apart from that I like chess and participate in tournaments. All of that helped my adapt better – the know people, language and traditions.

Why did you participate in “Mr and Ms Moscow Polytech”?

It happened unexpectedly. My friend suggested me applying. That`s how I happened to casting. The finals took place VDKH: I remembered it very well. I wasn`t even nervous before the performance. Intellectual stage seemed to me the most difficult to me, as there were many questions about the Russian literature. However, the sports stage was stage.

What difficulties did you encounter upon moving to Russia?

Didn`t know a single word in Russian, that`s what was the most difficult. Still getting wrong the cases. But speaking practice is what helped me when learning the language.

Share a piece of advice with those who also study Russian. What`s the hardest?

International students have a wonderful opportunity to learn Russian at the preparatory course. I`d rather participate in extracurricular activity and not skip classes.

What was the first impression you has about Moscow?

I loved it but it was cold.

Do you have a favorite spot in Moscow?

I like Izmailovskii park. When I`m there I clearly feel that I`m in Russia. There is also Gorky Park and Park Pobedy. I feel free outside.

What are your favorite Russian dishes?

Borsh and grechka. I tried them for the first time here.

Do you read Russian books?

Yes. My favorite one – “This is Russia, baby!” Justine Hammond. This book was written by an international. He was sharing his impressions about the country. Also, I like Russian poems, especially poems by Pushkin.

Name three unusual facts about your homeland?

In Kabul there are 7 million people. The country is located in the middle of Asia. 99% of population are practicing Islam.

What about three unusual facts you learnt about Russia?

I was surprised by the transport system, there is a huge time difference and population of the cities.

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