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There is Huge Number of Opportunities for Development in Russia - Moscow Polytech International Student about Moving and Choosing Specialty

Moscow Polytech international student fr om Serbia Dragomir Stamenich was born in Sochi and had lived there for 10 years. Then, his family returned to his homeland, wh ere Dragomir graduated from school and thought about entering the local university. However, the desire to gain experience of studying abroad prevailed and the young man decided to try applying to a technical university in another country.

Why he chose Moscow Poly, what attracts him to Russia and what Russian have become his favorites, read in our interview.

Why did you decide to move to Russia?

I was born in Sochi. I know the Russian language well. But when I was ten years old, my family moved back to Serbia. I graduated from high school there. When the time came to choose a university, I found out about the competition to study in Russia, decided to participate and applied. At the same time, I was preparing for an exam in mathematics in order to enter a university in Serbia. As a result, I passed the competition and got the opportunity to study abroad. Even though I was born here, I was still a little boy then, I don't remember much. I wanted to get the experience of studying abroad. There are a lot of opportunities for development in Russia.

Why did you choose such a specialty?

When I was choosing a major, I knew that I wanted to study computer science. But suddenly, in August, I received a message that I was enrolled to the “Applied Informatics and Mathematics” program, but for some reason I was enrolled in the Faculty of Transport. I didn't understand it at first, but in the end I was very satisfied! Ever since I was a child, I've loved working with computers. I've been programming since the sixth grade. I like to solve problems that arise. And I also understand that programming is the future. Someone still has to be able to control this artificial intelligence. I am sure that my profession will always be in demand.

What was your first impression of Moscow?

While going somewhere by taxi, I admired the city. I saw a lot of familiar landscapes from my childhood. In general, there are mixed impressions of Moscow. Everything is very contrasting. I also noticed that Moscow has the most convenient transport system in the world. In Serbia, there is some kind of jungle in this regard.

Did you have any difficulties in learning Russian?

Almost none. As I said earlier, I lived in Russia until I was ten years old, so I can easily communicate with people. There are some specific words that I come across during my studies, and there are problems with them. But my classmates always help me and explain their meaning.

How were you received at Moscow Polytech?

It's cool. During the adaptive course, we met our classmates and immediately began to communicate. Everyone was interested to know about my impressions of Russia. I was well received both by the teachers and students, but few people knew that I was a foreigner.

What do you like most about the university?

A large number of extracurricular activities. That's awesome!

What do you like about Moscow?

I like to walk in the evening in deserted courtyards, because Soviet architecture reminds me of my childhood.

What do you do in your free time?

I go out with friends, enjoy video editing and playing computer games.

Are you going to stay in Russia?

I have a few options. I wanted to get a master's degree in another country. Live in a different environment. I want to learn more about the world.

Do you have a favorite Russian dish?

Nuts with condensed milk, I liked them very much as a child. I also love pelmeni (dumplings).

What advice would you give to a foreigner who is planning to move to Russia?

Immediately deal with the issue of documents, do them on time. Be interested and ask about everything. Meet people, make connections.

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