January 2022

The Results of the 2021 Development Program Implementation

The meeting of the Supervisory Board of Moscow Poly chaired by Sergei Stepashin took place on January 26. Vladimir Miklushevskii, the president of Moscow Poly, presented the results of the university development program implementation to the members of the Board. 

Moscow Poly development program is implemented as a part of the federal strategic academic leadership program “Priority 2030”. The university is aimed at the development of the student project activities, introduction of technical education and arts to the STEM-model (science, technology, engineering, mathematics), as well as at the development of the “last mile” technologies - the creation of the high availability prototypes (TRL 3-9). The members of the Board took a close look at the realization of the main strategic project of Moscow Poly - “Affordable Electric Car”. The university gathered a sufficient number of industrial partners for this project; several prototypes are already in production. 

A lot of projects started in 2021: the development of testing laboratories in cooperation with “AUTOTOR Holding”, the work on electric quad bikes in cooperation with the STELS company is in progress, the development of racing and civil electric cars in partnership with BR Engineering. The engineering center of the university developed "Smart Shuttle" - a four place driverless electrobus. Works are underway for the MIG-R2 electric motorcycle for the participation in the “Baikal Mile” Festival of Speed in 2022. 

Vladimir Miklushevskii noted strong creative disciplines at Moscow Poly: design, web-design, IT, journalism, publishing and graphics. A new strategic project “Future Book” must become a new point of development for those disciplines. The project is aimed at the resurgence of youth interest in reading on the new technological platforms.

The Supervisory Board highly appreciated the events of the program held in 2021. They also noted an upward trend in the achievement of stated goals, as well as gave their recommendations on the development program implementation in 2022. 

The Supervisory Board made a positive conclusion on the consolidated plan for the financial and economic activities of the university for the next financial year.The members of the Board also gave recommendation on a number of issues regarding the real property and highly valued movable property, a plan on the Board activities for the 1st quarter of 2022 was accepted. 

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