November 2020

The president #OpenTalk

November, 27
#OpenTalk of Vladimir Miklushevskii, the president of Moscow Poly and Larisa Pastukhova, the head of “Moya strana – moya Rossia” competition.

The subject of the meeting: “Practice-oriented education and project training – the core components of Moscow Poly graduates success”.

Vladimir Miklushevskii noted that these two educational processes are so-called University “perks”

“The combination of practice-oriented approach and project training helps our students to understand their profession and even outline their future place of work during 3-4th year of education”, - says the president.

The participants also highlighted that modern applicants prone to make their own choices concerning their future places of education instead of listening to their relatives: “Undoubtedly, future students should choose Universities where they can make their dreams come true. We have a lot of educational programs and we can help everyone in the realization of their dreams”.

Vladimir and Larisa also discussed the changes in federal law: the mentoring has become an indispensable part of educational process.

“As the process of mentoring is always mutual, it can be built only by common cause, by common problem-solving and by making an example”, - highlighted Vladimir Miklushevskii

He also noted that Moscow Poly has always paid a lot of attention to the mentoring part of educational process: many creative teams, sports clubs and volunteer activities help our students to come closer to self-realization, make new friends and find fellow-thinkers.

The cooperation of Moscow Poly and the competition “Moya strana – moya Rossia” was also discussed during the conversation: Moscow Poly is a partner in the nomination “Moy gorod”. According to the president, this event is a perfect opportunity for all the participants to improve the well-being of their home regions.

Moreover, the Alumni Association of the all-Russian competition “Moya strana – moya Rossia” (the part of the platform “Rossia – strana vozmojnostei”) in cooperation with The Informational and Analytical Center “Science-Education Policy” implements an educational online-project #LearningTogether.

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