March 2022

The Favosrky Institute of Graphics and Book Art Holds ‘Graduation Projects 2021’ Exhibition

Moscow Poly Ivan Fyodorov Moscow State University of Printing Arts under Moscow Poly holds an opening ceremony to mark the beginning of “Graduation Projects 2021” exhibition that will be taking place fr om 24 March till 8 April at Museum of printing history and book publishing.

The exhibition will display the projects carried out within the two educational programs that are fulfilled at the Favorsky Institute of Graphics and Book Art: “Multimedia Graphic Design” (bachelor) and “Graphics. Design of printed products” specialist product.

Visual communication complexes where students develop brand visual identification system based on a multiplatform principle (physical and digital media). For the first time, the exhibition will display the concepts of pc games wh ere the storyline, mechanics, character and location design, as well as teasers and gameplays were developed by the students.

The “Graphics. Design of printed products” program will treat the visitors by presenting complex book designs that together with the illustrations are the key competencies inherent to our university.

The Favorsky Institute of Graphics and Book Art is rightfully called the Russian school of graphics, book design and multimedia.

We train unique multiplatform specialists – book designers, the designers of printed products, illustrators, multimedia publication and web page designers.

We welcome you to the exhibition opening ceremony that will be held on 24 March at 12:00.

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