November 2020

The famous train

November, 23
The train “Poezd Pobedi” returned to Belorussian Station. A month ago the train set on its first adventure – it visited 13 Russian towns and hosted approximately 8 thousand spectators.

Media members and honorary persons were first to meet the train in Moscow:

Nikolay Ovsienko – the Deputy Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation;
Konstantin Mogilevskii – the chairman of the Russian Historical Society board, the CEO of “History of the Fatherland” foundation;
Nikolay Makarov – the vice-president of Russian Academy of Science, the president of Institute of Archeology under the Russian Academy of Science, member of the Russian Historical Society Bureau”;
Natalia Koneva – the daughter of marshal Ivan Konev and a member of Victory Commanders Memorial Foundation.

The project is implemented by the creative workshop “Nevskii batalyst” collaborative with media-group “Krasnii Kvadrat”, supported by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, OAO “Russian Railways” and a social organization “Victory volunteers”.

On the occasion of the train`s return to Moscow there were held a tour on immersive installation. The train has 12 rolling stocks and each of them shares its unique history – the “pre-war” rolling stock, “in the field” rolling stock, the hospital rolling stock, the trench-rolling stock, the death camp-rolling stock and etc.

Nikolay Ovsienko, the Deputy Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation, mentioned the importance of the train: “We have a unique opportunity to learn about heroic lives of our people who made this history and transported ammunition in the field during the World War II. Diving into this reality is enormously important for our people!”  

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