April 2023

Moscow Poly “Fenix” Rescue Team Practiced Skills of Life Rescue on Ice

Moscow Poly “Fenix” life-rescue team held a training session – “Safe Ice” – on the territory of “Terletskaya” search and rescue station. The session was organized under assistance of the EAD office under the department for civil defence, emergency situations and fire safety for Moscow.

“Mid-spring ice is very treacherous. Many people habitually keep cutting their ways short through waterways walk their dogs in these areas, the firshermen keep fishing. At the same time, many children and teenagers don`t know the rules of behavior on ice and that causes accidents”, – the organization committee says.

At the training session, the students learnt about the structure of diving rescue station and its equipment, they were briefed on how to interact with the survivors and what tools to use. After that, they moved on to the practical part.

The guys were divided into several teams and set off to the stages where instructors were already waiting for them.

“Forest” stage

The young rescuers learnt about ice peculiarities and how to behave when on ice. There has also been an exchange of experience on how to act in emergency situations when far from civilization.


“Medicine” stage

EMS (emergency medical services) specialists talked on human physiology and how cold water influences our body. In particular, hypothermia pathophysiology was considered, and the skills of rendering the first aid to a person who`s brought out of cold water were polished.


“Water” stage

The training session turned out to be the longest and the funniest. The “Fenix’ rescuers were able to apply the knowledge gained during first stages practically in the course of scenarios prepared for them on ice using rescue equipment. Instructors came up with the individual scenarios for each group depending on the training level, and themselves participated in the process – two of them acted as injured. Such an interaction in the process of the training allowed to receive a full feedback.

Each team has individually chosen the plan of interaction with the injured, the head of head and improvised on the spot using the equipment that seemed the most logical and correct in a specific situation.

As a result of the session, the skills of rescuing several injured at the same time, including those in an “inadequate situation” and “state of alcoholic intoxication”, order of actions in a rapidly changing situation, the skills of correct psychological contact with relatives and close ones, establishing contact with a person walking on ice and solving emergency situation before it deteriorates.

At the end of the session, instructors held a briefing – provided feedback and analyzed with each team their actions. Also, students received recommendations in how to implement various rescue plans.


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