April 2023

Moscow Poly Students Discussed Their Start Ups and Technological Projects with Experts

Moscow Poly held an off-premise post-acceleration session at the educational, cultural and sports-technical base Polet on April 15-16 for the students of Ryazan, Kolomna and Elektrostal affiliations.


The event united the activists fr om the Student Scientific Community, Center for Technology Transfer, Department for Youth programs and projects under Moscow Poly. “HB Assistance” rendered acceleration support to the event.

The students attended lectures in “Attracting Money at an Early Stage of Start Up Implementation. Thrifty Start Up” and “Chaos Management”. In addition, the start up debates were held between the participants. Experts also held facilitated meetings when the mentor helps the participants move towards their desired goal. This kind of meetings helps students work through their project.

At the session, the attraction of investments, search of investors for the projects, as well as means of searching for them under tight time lim it, for instance, 15-20 secs that a ride on a high-speed lift at a “Federatsiya Tower” were discussed.

Experts also shared how one can apply for contests and scholarships, pass complicated stages of bureaucratic procedures and why it is important.

The participants also received recommendations and proposals on how to develop individual project.

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