December 2021

Students on Moscow Poly

Shakhrambek Bobomurodov, 4th year student of the Faculty of Chemistry and Biotechnology told about the choice of university and his activities in it.

I was very lucky to enter Moscow Poly. I was the last to apply my documents and I barely came to the closure of admission day. I passed all entry exams successfully and joined the university.

I chose my program of study based on my own interests. I have liked chemistry since school, so I looked for a specialty associated with chemistry. My program is focused on mathematics and physics, but there is also enough chemistry, which is great for me.

Process of education fascinates me and sets for acquisition of new knowledge. I would also like to mention great academic staff. 

I’ve been a student curator for some time. During this period I managed to participate in the “Morskoi Boi” TV-show. Our team reached finals that time. I also participated in an international festival “We all chose peace” as a part of Russian team and we won. I am also a captain of Moscow Poly chess team. I am very grateful to all extracurricular activities of our university for such an interesting and useful experience.

Our university gives an opportunity to develop in various areas. My advice is to try everything.

Participate, try and you will find your trade. 

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