May 2023

Moscow Poly Student Elizaveta Azarova –Rights Advocate of the Year

Moscow Poly student became the rights advocate of the year within the “Rights Advocate of the Year” contest that took place in Yaroslavl in the framework of XV School of Legal Literacy under the central federal district.

Elizaveta is the president of the IT faculty trade union, the winner of the contests “Trade Union of Moscow” and “Student Leader” contest in2022, as well as the winner in PIC nomination “Persona of the Year in Social Activity”.


In the course of the “Rights Advocated of the Year” contest, the student has mastered an educational program and passed 8 challenges: public performance, self-portrait, legal guidance, awareness promotion, two to one, pro-intellect, blitz-quiz and team spirit. 

“During the preparation I had no doubts that we were going for the victory! However at contest stages everything changed: most frequently I had a feeling I know everything and nothing at the same time. The most difficult during the preparation was public performance”, – shared Elizaveta Azarova.


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