March 2023

Moscow Poly Students Learnt How to Build Career in Mechanical Engineering

A traditional “Career in Mechanical Engineering” event has taken place at Moscow Poly. Students met with the head of the regional Moscow Poly council apparatus Anna Shlyakhova, representatives of the “GOST” (National State Standard) and “Iskra” mechanical engineering bureau named after Ivan I. Kartukov.

Students studying at the faculties of mechanical engineering, chemical technology and biotechnology, urban studies and urban economy under Moscow Poly Ivanteev affiliation and other educational organizations visited the event.

There was a whole range of workshops in “Creating Digital Twin of a Workpiece”, “CNC Machine Metal Processing”, “Spark-Erosion Processing”, “Technological Production Machinery and Equipment”, “Refrigeration, Cryogenic Equipment and 3D Printing”, “Making Workpieces By Powder Metallurgy Technique”, “Permanent and Dispensable Mold Casting” prepared for the participants. In addition to that, they learnt the basics of solving inventive tasks.

According to the organization committee, the direct dialogues of this kind are a great opportunity for students to ask the employers about what their companies and what they do, as well as the conditions that wait for students at the production. The event caused mutual interest from students and industrial partners in mechanical engineering.

At the round table, the dean of the faculty Evgenii Safonov and department heads under the faculty of mechanical engineering, industrial partners discussed the possible cooperation, making joint curriculums, enhancing the quality of education, as well as further professional training.

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