January 2024

Moscow Polytech Student Tells About Her Studies at Transport Faculty

Alyona Bogomolova, a student of Moscow Polytech, is a 2nd year student of Applied Mathematics and Informatics and in the future she will be involved in intelligent transportation management systems. Despite her technical specialty, Alyona chose the media center as her extracurricular activity, where she is engaged in writing articles. In this material, the student told about her education, hobbies and skills she learned at university.

What did you see yourself as an eleventh grader? How did you choose your future profession?

In the 11th grade I thought that I would just go to university to study applied mathematics and computer science, but I did not understand exactly what I would do in the future. I was interested in studying mathematics. 

How did you find out about Moscow Polytech?

I found out about Moscow Polytech by accident. I realized that with my points it was possible to enter another city and decided to take advantage of this opportunity. I consideredt he universities in Moscow where I could study both mathematics and computer science. That's how I found out about it. 

What does your typical school day consist of? 

I wake up, prepare my breakfast. If I have a lot of time before classes, I have time to do something else in my studies or work. After classes, I go out with my friends and then go home to do things, study and work. Sometimes in the evenings I go out for a walk. 

What did you dream of becoming as a child?

I don't think I had a dream, but for some reason I thought I wanted to be an architect.


At what point did you realize that your student life had begun?

I realized that my student life had begun when I moved into the dormitory and settled there. Before that I lived in another city and in general I always lived with my family, I never had the experience of being on my own.

How have you changed as a student? What personal qualities have appeared, revealed or, on the contrary, disappeared?

In my one and a half years of being a student, I became responsible. This was influenced by living without parents in another city. I strive to do everything on time and in time. 

What do you do besides studying at the university?

I work as a tutor in math and computer science, I do sports and I am also a member of Polytech Media, I write articles.

Name your associations with the university.

Moscow, friends, dormitory, Elektrozavodskaya metro station.

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