January 2024

Student of Moscow Polytechnic University Spoke About Her Studies at Faculty of Economics and Management

Valeria Sakharova, a student of Moscow Polytechnic University, is a second-year student of Faculty of Economics and Management. In the future the girl will become a specialist in advertising. Valeria decided to practice her profession from the first year of university, joining the student media center "Politech Media" and constantly participating in forums and competitions. Specially for the Student Day, Valeria told about her education, extracurricular activities and hobbies.

What did you see yourself as an eleventh grader? How did you choose your future profession?

In eleventh grade I didn't have a clear understanding of what profession I would choose, but I knew for sure that I wanted to work in the creative sphere. I like to create content and build communication with people, so I searched for related fields with my parents and decided on advertising and public relations.

How did you find out about Moscow Polytechnic University?

The Moscow Polytechnic building on Pryanishnikova Street is in my neighborhood, so I heard a lot about it. I went to the website and studied the directions, and many times I went to online open days. I was very attracted to the extracurricular activities!

What does your typical school day consist of? 

I come to my classes at the Pryanishnikova building, enjoy the beauty of the pond on the way, see my buddies and friends. I get new information in various disciplines, discuss interesting projects during breaks with my classmates. I make sure to get a latte with apple pie syrup at the café. After classes I can spend time with my classmates or go home to do my homework.

What did you dream of becoming as a child?

As a child I dreamed of becoming a ballroom dance coach.

How does this dream relate to your work now?

This dream has nothing to do with my professional activity, but now I dance for my own pleasure, to distract myself from business.


At what moment did you realize that your student life had begun?

My student life began after joining the student media center "Polytechnic Media". I liked covering university events, it was interesting and unusual to combine it with the educational process, I felt like a real student-activist.

Name the most memorable moments associated with the university.

Winning significant competitions, the audiovisual arts forum "MED", cozy meetings of photographers of the media center and time spent with cool people I met at the university.

How have you changed as a student? What personal qualities have appeared, revealed or, on the contrary, disappeared?

I started to filter information and prioritize my life. I found a use for my responsibility, but I also learned to take problems more easily.

What do you do besides studying at university?

I am engaged in photography, writing texts, dancing, I like walking and traveling.

Name the projects realized during your university studies that you are especially proud of.

Together with my team we worked on two projects for the brands "Pro. Present" and "ISBC RFID PAPER" within the framework of the "Small Digital" competition, we took first place. There was a lot of excitement!

Name five associations with the university.

Acquaintances, careers, projects, opportunities, life

Who do you see yourself as in 5 years?

At the moment I think that in 5 years I will work as a PR-manager, take photos for my soul, travel a lot and improve myself in all spheres that are important to me.

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