August 2023

Moscow Poly Student Participates as Engineer in Scientific Expedition in Karelia

Moscow Poly 4-year “Cyberphysic Systems” student Ilya Kholodilovs, among other research students, undertook a scientific expedition to the Kilpol peninsula (Karelia). The expedition is taking place from August 1 to August 15. A total of 6 students are taking part in the expedition: engineer from Moscow Poly, two geographers from MSU, developers and programmers from HSE and ITMO University, PR specialist from Pekhanov University, as well as 7 school students from different Russian regions.


The team was formed based on the selection held by the scientific technical community and Agency for Strategic Initiatives. The young researchers are supervised by the director general of the “Lorett” engineering enterprise Vladimir Gershenzon and the head of the lab for urban studies under HSE Sergei Pchelkin.


The students are engaged in development of an interactive service for smart tourism based on the satellite data and ground investigations. Ilya Kholodilov is responsible for designing and assembling unmanned systems that will obtain pictures of space satellites.

“We asked stakeholders based on the peninsula and undertook several radial hikings to study the geography of the area and update information to develop a landscape map, and studied hard-to-reach parts of the island. So far, we`ve already finished the back-end development of the information geoportal and moved on to the front-end”, - shares the press secretary for the expedition Ivan Kurganksii.

The team holds plans for developing a proper situation room for the Kilpol peninsula for further expansion of this kind of touristic portal. The model is based on the concept of sustainable development of the natural area by means of operational monitoring and situation awareness.


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