January 2023

Moscow Poly Student Met Russian President on Occasion of Russian Students` Day

Moscow poly first-year student Petr Ptushkin met Russian President Vladimir Putin as a member of student delegation, as reported by the TASS news agency and official website of the Russian president.

The student asked for president`s approval and assistance in the course of his project implementation that creates a digital twin of a building for further exploitation of the object, that brings down the maintenance costs.

“The approval is already yours, we do need to promote your ideas. We`ve repeatedly discussed it with colleagues, and generally speaking the decision has already been made. Especially, it`s important for the construction sector where it`s crucial to change rules, national standards, as well as digitalize everything that was on paper before. And it`s not even about that things outlive themselves, rather it`s about new materials and technologies demand new ways of handling them. Of course, we need new digital opportunities and digital tools to make everything the way it wasn`t 20 years ago”, – president said.

The head of the government specified that’s its necessary to ensure that, similar to monitoring, that decisions are also made in online form.

“The examples are many, take for instance the bridge on the ‘Russky’ island in the Far East – the whole system is controlled electronically there, including spacecraft features. That`s why we need to implement it everywhere, on a wide and large scale”, – noted president who also promised to support Moscow Poly student`s project.

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