May 2023

Moscow Poly Student Pavel Schmelev: “The Key Thing is to Be Yourself”

In the “Story of Success” rubrics, Moscow Poly student continue telling more about themselves and the University. Today’s editions is devoted to guest is Pavel Shmelev, a third-year Transport Faculty student. Pavel became an increased state academic scholarship holder for his success in scientific-research activity.

Pavel came to Moscow from the city of Novocheboksarsk. He`s been interested in science since 9-10 grade. The classes in the “Quantorum” children technopark helped him to determine his future direction of activity. Pavel realized that he wanted to become a car engineer and applied to Moscow Poly for the “Perspective Transportation Vehicles” program.

“I am currently working on my project – developing devices to strangthen of parts printed on FDM 3D-printer (FDM - Fused Deposition Modeling - welding modeling - approx.ed). Usually, it takes a lot of time, many efforts and human resources to post process the details after printing. In addition, many users complain about the strength of the printed parts. The device I designed automates post-processing, strengthens parts and smoothes their surfaces. You can get the item of better quality and with better strength characteristics spending less time, less money and without human participation.”

Before and After Processing
Before and After Processing

Scientific activity takes a lot of time – Pavel became a funding recipient under the “Smart” program with his project, carried out a huge number of experiments, developed a TRL 3 level pre-series device and is planning to create a device that can be launched into mass production. He is currently in the process of registration of the intellectual property object.

At the same time, Pavel finds time for hobies. At school, he was actively engaged in athletics. In his 14, Pavel was the best at 200 and 400m marathons in Chuvashia, but having received an injury he switched for decathlon. Since that time, he has been trying various sports. Now, for example, he attends the sports classes at the Moscow Poly yacht club.

Success formula

“I believe that I can`t "teach someone success" until I have achieved it. The main thing is to be myself”, - Pavel is sure.

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