April 2023

Moscow Poly Student Maxim Bogush: "Combining Studies, Hobby, Projects and Work is Easy"

In the rubrics “Formula of Success”, we`ll introduce the reader to the students whose success stories prove that putting in efforts allows one to achieve a lot. Moscow Poly in its turn provides many possibilities for that. The hero of today`s rubrics is mechanical engineering student Maxim Bogush. For his scientific-researchachievements Maxim is an enhanced state academic scholarship holder.

According to the student, he consciously applied to Moscow Poly:

“I attended open day events at Moscow Poly so I was in advance aware of the benefits of studying at the University, I knew that the scholarships are good here, that there is a wide range of educational programs and most importantly that you can try yourself out almost in any sphere.”

When applying, Maxim was choosing between the innovatics, that was his priority, and “Construction and Technological Equipment at Machinery Production” area, what he eventually went for. But as it turned out, innovatics is among those things that Maxim is engaged in what he`s basically doing now.

“Scientific activity is an interesting thing. It`s about experiments, tests, research, all of that together produces truly surprising results that all together drive the progress. Realizing that you`re a part of something important is really wonderful”, – Maxim says.

Currently, the scholarship-holder is engaged in launching his own “NeoPixel” start-up project. Together with a team of initiative students, he created the first Russian photopolymer printer that can make products with resolution higher than 20 micron – that`s a very good size accuracy.

svr-2022-expo 145 WEB.jpg

“Our aim is to launch small-scale manufacturing of similar devices and implement them on the territory of our country. We`re proud of what we have achieved so far, people talk about us and know us, we`re presenting our achievements to the first persons of the government. That shall mean something, right?”– the students notes.

As a Center for Project Activity employee, Maxim participates in the events where Moscow Poly demonstrates the results of its activity – “Made in Russia” international forum, “Education and Career” exhibition, Moscow International Education Salon and many others.

Even apart from work, studies and scientific activity Maxim`s main hobby is still related to modern technologies – 3D printing. At the same time, he used to actively engaged into social activity – volunteering:

“Combining studies, hobbies, projects and work is real, and it`s about Moscow Poly as it gives you many opportunities to prove yourself!”

Success formula?

Maxim Bogush: “As one wonderful person said, the secret of success is Moscow Poly diploma. They were definitely right but for me, that`s not the most important thing – don`t be afraid to make mistakes, everything that doesn`t kill us makes us stronger. It`s impossible to find a formula of success, but you can develop it specially for yourself and apply it.”

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