March 2022

Spring Mini-Football Cup

On 5 March, Moscow Poly held a spring mini-football cup among the university students. 120 international students particicpated in the Cup, 3 of them were selected to the Moscow Poly football team.

The tournament was held by the “Physical Education” department together with the Moscow Poly student club and organizational committee of the international affairs.

It was the first in-person tournament among students after a long break. That`s why all players had a positive attitude. The tournament came out really spectacular and entertaining.

12 teams participated in the contest. They were divided into 4 groups. The winner in each group reached semi-finals. “Hunters” came to be the strongest team in group A; ‘Chernogolovka’ took the 1st place in group B, however the “Peace” team got the highest score. “Pamir team”, in its turn, took the 1st place in group C. In the match for the 2nd place, where ‘Hunters’ and ‘Chernogolovka’ competed against each other, ‘Hunters’ gained the landslide victory with a score of 7:0. ‘Peace’ and ‘Pamir Team’ met in the 2nd semi-final that ended up with ‘Peace’ winning with the score of 3:1, thus reaching finals.

‘Chernogolovka’ and ‘Pamir’ team played for the 3rd place that eventually went to ‘Chernogolovka’ that has outplayed its rivals with the score of 7:0. The final match welcomed ‘Hunters’ and ‘Peace’ where in a tight battle the first team won with the score of 5:1.

Final rankings:


2. Peace

3. Chernogolovka

The prize-giving ceremony was held by Davydova Yu.D., the vice-president for international affairs, together with the Fyodorov A.V. and Strabykin S.I, teachers of “Physical Education” department, and Yakhnenko D.V., the head of the student sport club.

Students are happy that various contests are coming back together with studies in an intramural format. After the Moscow Poly spring mini-football cup, they shared their impressions.

Rasuli Mohebula, the ‘Peace’ player said: “I believe It`s necessary to hold such contests at least once during both spring and autumn seasons to attract new talents and new players to the university team, create a friendly atmosphere and get to know each other better. Our team players represent minorities. They`re fr om different places but generally we`re all fr om Afghanistan wh ere people are tired of wars. That is why we called our team ’Peace’. We hope for peace around the world.”

The games were precise, the mutual respect could be felt. In addition to that, our game was recently praised which totally adds up to the morale. That makes players feel themselves appreciated and helps make further steps more confidently.”

Denis Politov, the “Chernogolovka” player also shared his feeling about the tournament: “In terms of how the tournament was organized – the impressions are only positive, and as for the result that we showed – I`d say so-so. Every time I participate in a tournament I strive for the victory. It`s possible to play with any opponent. That`s why the goal was the victory but in reality it turned out to be the 3rd place. However, the team showed a decent result. We played one man down because many of the players could not make it to the game due to their work. Nevertheless, we showed a good, decent football play and we fought till the very end. During the last game in group play-offs, we were losing when the referee said that it was 3 minutes left. At that moment I thought “We`re done” but we showed a good play and made it. Tournaments give you a chance to meet new people, compete with stronger teams and measure your strength so, it was interesting to play. As for the team name, that`s probably the most boring part. Many players are from Chernogolovka so, we decided to stick to it and represent our home city.”

Salmon Allaev, the ‘Hunters’ player, has also shared his opinion: “The impression is only positive because on holidays you really miss football. And here we had a great, decent tournament wh ere one could compete and, of course, win. All games were held on time, the judging was fair. There was no chaos at all. The teams were good, all strong and worthy. We were lucky to be able to participate in such a tournament, and what`s more, become the winners. As to the team name, our leader made it up. We were all suggesting different variants but everybody liked ‘Hunters’”.

In our turn, we congratulate all participants and all winners! We hope that they will show us more interesting games and scored goals!

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