May 2022

Senior Director for PR and LG Electronics ESG-projects, Tatiana Shakhnes Held a Lecture at Moscow Poly

Tatiana Shakhnes, senior director for public relations and LG Electronics (LG) ESG-projects in Russia, coordination board for donoship under Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation, delivered a speech before Moscow Poly students of the faculty of “Economics and Management”. Students studying “Advertising and Public Relations” have listened to the lecture entitled “ESG Initiative Promotion. Relevant Communication Tool Discussion”.

The lecture comprised several blocks that revealed communication instruments both the ESG agenda, and for goods and services promotion on the example of real life cases and over 28 years of experience of working at LG. Special attention was paid to the development of communication strategies and finding creative solutions for the implementation of various projects.

Thanks to the discussion with students and personal exchange of opinions the lecture turned out productive. As an author of the book “PR Encyclopedia. Born for the Industry”, the lecturer has also shared that it`s necessary for the PR and marketing specialist to develop personal brands as the basis for their professional success.

Tatiana Shakhnes reminded that it`s important to set specific goals, to not be afraid of the obstacles, show curiosity and expand the horizons of the vision of the situation and make prognoses regarding it`s possible developments. Not only does this kind of approach help establish one`s personal career but also finding solutions to global business objectives of any company or project.

According to the lecturer, the image of the leader is crucial for every branch. Thus, the president of LG Electronics in Russia and CIS countries, YoungNam Roh was the first one to get vaccinated with the Russian “Sputnik V” and for the first time became a donor to solve the dispute among LG employees regarding the vaccination.

A certain part of the lecture was devoted to the relevant marketing ‘phygital’ tool that represents integrated communications embodying physical and digital experience.

As an example Tatiana referred to the cooperation between LG SIGNATURE and The Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts and their shared large-scale project for exploration and conservation of the world famous “The Red Vineyards near Arles” by Vincent Van Gough.

One can follow the exploration stages of the picture on the website where a “Diaries of a Restoration Artists” video series, as well as on the IVI platform in a “Mystery of the Red Vieyards” four-episode film created by LG SIGNATURE brand. In the course of 2021, an educational program by Pushkinskii (Pushkin [Museum]) x LG SIGNATURE Wednesdays was implemented (“Wendsdays at Pushkin [Museum]”) that was broadcasted in the Museum official networks. The famous fine art experts, psychologists, collectors, and film directors covered various subjects of visual perception, the role of museums during live discussion and etc. Tatiana noted that the multimedia project by LG SIGNATURE in the fullest meets the tasks of the “Culture” national project and reflects the social mission of the project to promote art by means of technologies.

Another important area in goods and brand promotion is influencer marketing. Tatiana shared with students how to choose the most relevant opinion leaders among generations Z,Y, X based on cases and research provided by LG, and talked on specifics of working with them: cooperation with the bloggers belonging to the Z-generation implies the utmost freedom of content creation.


To continue her lecture Tatiana paid emphasis to a new big-scale program “Ecosystem of Good Will” implemented by LG and aimed at joining efforts to take care about people and the environment that invariably depend on each other. The project is implemented within the framework of the ESG sphere.

The “Ecosystem of Good Will” always starts with the humans, they are its key element and progress driver. The pilot version of the “Ecosystem of Good Will” found it`s manifestation in the form of the first Donor Day held under assistance of the “Argumenti i Fakti” publishing house. At the event, the environmental materials were used: branded goods made of recycled materials; eco-bags and eco-t-shirts as ecological souvenirs; biodegradable utensils in ProBono frames. The event was held under sponsorship of “National Priorities” within the framework of “Healthcare” project. LG will continue the implementation of the donorship project, expanding its boundaries in Russia.

“Today ESG transformation, continued professional training for experts in the sphere of communication and marketing are not only about awareness, responsibility or good will, but also a measure necessary for any socially conscious business”, - noted Tatiana Shakhnes.

LG has been implementing the corporate volunteering project in the course of the last 13 years. In 2009, the company, first among other business communities, partnered with the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation and FMBA of Russia in promoting public volunteering donorship of blood and its elements. At the initiative of the company 113 days of donorship were held. The donorship days were aimed at promoting donorship: football marathons in 2017-2018; “Train of Innovations and Marathon of Good Will”; ship “Technology of Good Will”; “Air Marathon of Good Will”. LG sponsors Russian National Youth Educational Forum where the Donorship Day for the youth starring famous personae year to year

The next step is to establish at Moscow Polytechnic University LG educational program on relevant communicative tools and corporate volunteering promotion among young people.  


For reference: LG Electronics is a world innovator in the sphere of technologies and consumer electronics with overall 75,000 employees almost in every country. The sales of four companies – ‘Home Appliance & Air Solution, Home Entertainment’, ‘Vehicle Component Solutions’ and ‘Business Solutions’ have brought over 63 billion dollars in 2021. LG is also famous for their premium LG SIGNATURE brand and “LG ThinQ” intellectual brand. Additional information about LG.

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