March 2022

School for Pioneer Team Leaders Opens in Moscow

Moscow school for pioneer team leaders has opened its doors for activists.

For the 4th time Moscow Poly has gathered students, active members of student pioneer teams that are to join the big movement. The event was organized in compliance with the sanctuary norms so, the participants were divided into two big groups.

The “welcome-zone” was set up in the University lobby where the candidates were introduced to their curators, got acquainted with the symbolics and learnt the distinctive features peculiar to each of the Moscow pedagogical departments.

Alexander Yu. Kaidanovich, the vice-president for student activities and social work at Moscow Poly has delivered a welcoming speech: “I wish you to acquire the necessary knowledge, to not skip classes and light up the young hearts”.

Natalya Belokrylova, the leader of student pioneer teams in Moscow wished the future pioneers to take the most from their supervisors and reach new heights!

The official part of the event was marked by creativity, dance and vocal performances prepared by the participants of the movement.

Yuliya Drozhzhina, the head of the Central Federal District pioneer team district headquarters leader, board chairwoman of MosRSO congratulated students: “I wish future pioneer leaders to acquire more experience and knowledge this year, to find a supervisor that will be by your side and introduce you to our work”.

Anastasia Shurkhay, the head of the Moscow regional pedagogical department expressed her gratitude to the organizing committee that will be doing their best to create perfect conditions for the candidates in the course of event.

Students will graduate from Moscow school for pioneer leaders as early as this summer and become a part of a big family!


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