August 2021

Sarkis Mervanyan: from a Moscow Poly Student to the Head of “Moskvich” Cultural Center

Sarkis Mervanyan, Moscow Poly graduate, made his way from university student and employee to the Head of “Moskvich” Cultural Center. We talked to him and learned about his first job and how did achieve such a success.

—Tell us about your student life, please. Which memory is the most vivid for you?


Back in 2002 I started my education on the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (“Automated machining systems and tools” Department). After my graduation I continued my education as a post-graduate student on the Department “Analytical mechanics”, studied there for a year and after that came to the “Marketing” Department, passed my qualifying examinations for the Candidate degree and then turned the page of my student history. It was 2010, if I am not mistaken.

I have a lot of vivid memories and my student years were amazing. Something interesting was happening every single day during all these 5 years. I never stopped an enjoyed literally everything. Moreover, I also participated in the creative life of the university (the Directorate for Educational and Social Work was established exactly during those years), that’s why my student life was as twice as bright. Constant trips, work with a Club of the Funny and Inventive team on their stage materials, etc. Even during our present meetings with university friends we have a lot to discuss and remember.

My favorite subject was “Hydraulics”, taught by Pkhakadze Severian Djumberovich and “Machinery parts”, taught by Likhacheva Olga Anatolievna –a professor with a God-given talent! I also enjoyed my military training alongside my degree.


— Why did you choose our University back in 2002?


It was quite simple for me. I knew I wanted to study in Moscow State University of Mechanical Engineering (part of Moscow Poly today) for 2 reasons: first of all, MSUME was a university, specialized in mechanical engineering, secondly, I really liked its Club of the Funny and Inventive team, playing in A-league.

Due to the facts that I had been involved in creative projects since my first year and my following job was in the Directorate for Educational and Social work, I understood that I wouldn’t work within my specialty in the future, though I was a decent student. Sometimes such things happen – you choose a completely another field for your career. However, I am really proud that I have studied here. My “engineering mentality” has always helped me both in my career and life. Moreover, as I work today in the “Moskvich” Cultural Center, I can say that I work within my specialty after all (laughs). In the end, it used to be a Cultural Center of the well-known automotive giant “Moskvich”.

—What did you get from our University? Which theoretical knowledge and practical skills, received in Moscow Poly, do you use now?

Well, first of all, the University gave me my wife and kids (laughs). Seriously, though, I learned to think logically and search for the needed information in the right place. I face different situations during my work today, where my knowledge of structural performance of materials, theoretical engineering and even hydraulics helps me a lot. My student years taught me to be attentive, be very careful with documents and to be as cool as a cucumber in any stressful situation. Someone once said that the student life is the university of life, and I completely support this point of view.


— Do you keep in touch with the University?


I keep an eye on the University life and I am really happy to see that my peers, ex-colleagues or just acquaintances become Deans, Heads of Departments and Directorates. It’s really amazing and important for the University, as I support the system of succession. I love to see the projects, which were created during my studies, still exist and continue to develop. I am honored that back then I played my part in the establishment of some of them.


—How did you start your career?


My career began in the Event Organization Department. After that I became the deputy director of the Directorate for Educational and Social work. I was in charge of University dormitories. Several years after that I was invited to become the Head of the Youth Center “Sevastopol”, based on the self-titled cinema theatre. We created the Center from scratch, so to say.

Then I became the Head of the 1st Russian Resource Centre for the development and support of the “Mosvolonter” movement, and in some time I received an invitation to become the Head of “Moskvich” Cultural Center – I seized this opportunity with no second thoughts. The name itself partly influenced my decision, as it is directly connected to the vehicle industry.


—Tell us a bit more about your Center. How did you begin your activity there and how do you plan to develop it?


“Moskvich” Cultural Center is one of the biggest cultural centers of Moscow. Today we have a lot of workshops for children and adults; we also host different plays, exhibitions, concerts, master-classes, meetings with famous people, charity events, etc. In “Moskvich” you can either become an audience member, guest and a student or implement your own cultural project. Nowadays we conduct major capital works and will continue our activities at full scale only in September 2022. I invite everyone to visit us after the works, as we also will celebrate our anniversary – 45 years.


— Would you like to say something to our students?


Right now I am thinking about the song “Don’t forget your roots and remember, there are things well above”. Speaking seriously, I would like to say that students should absorb every second of their student years, every particle of knowledge, emotions and skills. Your student years will be one of the best ones in your lives, so don’t miss them.

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