March 2022

Remotely Piloted Truck Operation System Developed at Moscow Poly

In this case, it goes about an automatized transportation system for long-distance truck transportation that will allow to reduce fuel consumption, maintenance costs, and what`s more important, resolve the issue on vehicle idle time that is caused by the lack of qualified truck drivers. The research results formed the basis for Vladislav Yuzhakov`s, who is a Moscow Poly postgraduate, dissertation.

The research is to be finished by summer 2022, whereas currently the technical project on automatized logistic corridor for remotely piloted vehicles on M7 highway (Moscow - Kazan) is being tested. As a result, the developers will be ready to offer the representatives of the transportation branch technical and technological solutions for a long-distance remote-piloted truck operation

At the moment, the developers are of the opinion that it can only go about semi-automatized operation where the truck convoys are piloted not by the operators at the traffic control centers but rather by drivers who, similarly to air pilots, spend 98% of their time on monitoring the situation and not actually driving.

The unmanned transportation concept per se is old but according to Moscow Poly researcher Vladislav Yuzhanov, it is right now when it has the highest chance for realization. When it goes to that, the loss roadside services, as well as possible decrease in driving personnel, are usually cited as counter-arguments.

Nevertheless, the calculations show that these fears are groundless. The driver`s presence in such systems is preserved, it is their functions that do change, namely the risk of human factor to be the cause of the accident drops. In addition, the maintenance and fuel costs decrease.

Under the modern realia of import phase-out and limitations component import the economic issues related to maintenance, fuel, speeding up the transportation and reducing the vehicle idle time caused by the lack of qualified personnel are really pressing. To make such projects work it`s necessary to develop national IT-solution and produce components ourselves. Physically speaking, there are such components in Russia but it`s a limited edition series, that opens up the prospects for big transport holding investments.

Yuzhakov compares the situation in the industry to the Russian banking system that, technically speaking, is several years behind the European. Because of that, Russia didn`t follow the way the European banking system developed, and has taken to implementing IT-technologies to the client service sphere directly. Vladislav Yuzhakov shared: “The implementation of automatized transportation system under conditions of technological and component isolation is a big challenge for Russian transportation branch, however it can turn out to be a great opportunity for a speedy breakthrough”.

Moscow Poly postgraduate, Vladislav Yuzhakov is 24 years old, who`s planning to present his dissertation soon. In 2020 Vladislav became the winner in a business-project contest held during the Student Entrepreneurship Festival. He has worked for Boeing, Jeep and Netflix. Vladislav has been developing and integrating Contour remotely piloted truck operation system.

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