July 2023

Moscow Poly President Shared Details of Training Engineering Specialists for Transport Industry at INNOPROM Exhibition

Moscow Poly President Shared Details of Training Engineering Specialists for Transport Industry at INNOPROM Exhibition

Learning from real projects by industrial partners is the best way to supply progressive talent pool to the industry of promising transportation vehicles, as stated by the Moscow Poly president Vladimir Miklushevskii at a business program panel discussion in the course of the INNOPROM 2023 – “Modern Transportation: Intellectual Platforms, Unmanned Vehicles, AI”.

Deputy minister for industry and trade of the Russian Federation Albert Karimov and deputy director general of KAMAZ Irek Gumerov attended the meeting.

Vladimir Miklushevskii noted that the School for Electric Transport has been established at the University 16 years ago. Today, the University is cooperating with the leading companies of the national industry. Among the industrial partners of the University there are such enterprises as KAMAZ, NAMI, Avtotor and others. The main task of Moscow Poly for the nearest 5 years is to move away from creating prototypes to pre-production models.

“Our students learn from real industrial cases, this is the best way to train a good specialist, technologist or designer and etc.”, – highlighted Vladimir Miklushevskii.

Also, the head of the University said that the share of startups launched at the University depends on economy competitiveness and level of technical regulation.

“When we reach that stage in the automotive industry when there is a highly competitive environment, then there`ll be startups that`ll be demanded. However, we shouldn`t wait for this environment to simply appear, we should build it. But universities alone can`t solve this problem. It`s only possible when cooperation with businesses and government”, –Vladimir Miklushevskii summarized.

The deputy minister for trade and industry of the Russian Federation Albert Karimov noted that creating and implementing national program products for autonomous and connected cars, as well as development and launch of new mass production platforms for transport vehicle automation in all segments – passenger, public and freight vehicles – is planned as early as 2035. The universities are carrying out the research. 

“When it comes to us, the scientific-research takes place at NAMI, but Moscow Poly and MADI also carry out a big amount of work. I expect that in the future the number of startups in this sphere will grow considering that today we have all the necessary instruments of government support”, – Karimov emphasized.

For reference: IINOPROM is the main Russian industrial exhibition with the area of 50 000m2. This year, over 40 000 people from 50+ countries visited the exhibition.

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