March 2023

PROfessions: Why Study Creative Disciplines at Moscow Poly?

“Multimedia Graphic Design” student Alina Ivanovich shared the details of how she studies at a creative discipline and works at “Polytech Media” student media center.

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There are many online courses in design now, why did you choose higher education instead?

Companies prefer to hire those who have profile-specific higher education. That`s what became the key factor for me. Studying at the university gives you a lot of connections and acquaintances – something that courses cannot give you.

Is information that you receive relevant? Does it meet the modern employer`s demands?

Yes. Our teachers are practicing designers, calligraphers. They teach us the things that are in demand so, we`re lagging behind.

Can you enter this field area without any specific skills in design at all? Is artistic education important?

One can come into this sphere without any specific skills but they have to at least have the gist of what it`s all about.

When it comes to artistic education, it`s impossible to make academic drawings having no clue of the basics of academic drawing or composition. One will simply not be admitted to the University if they don`t have these skills as they`re crucial for entry exams.

What disciplines do you study?

We study fonts, calligraphy, typography, design history, styling design. The whole point of education is about styling design: we make projects that can be added to student`s portfolio. For example, infographics, journals, posters.

On the example of “Computer Technologies” we study the following programs: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe After Effects.

What`s the ratio between theory an dpractice?

Theory is little. We stating practicing practically from the first year, that`s what`s important in our profession. Surely, we have theoretical classes but along with the theory we`re going into practice right away.

What competencies do students acquire by the 2 year of studies?

Abilities to navigate in “Adobe Illustrator” and “Adobe Photoshop”, understanding of how to line up your compositional solutions and back them up. You develop your social skills, visual erudition. Students perceive information easier as tendencies change all the time and you have to follow up.

Are these skills enough to start a part-time job in your field area?

Many of my groupmates are already working as degree qualified and take up internship programs. Me, for instance, I`m trying to give it a try at apply as a designer for an internship program at “VK”. It`s clear that you should not hope for some large-scale projects but there`re enough skills that find a job as a designer.

What do designers do at “Polytech Media” student media center?

We`re managing the university communities in different social networks: design the publications, create visuals and covers for the posters.

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