February 2021

Olga Sergeeva about sport in her life

The winner of the "Peak" prize in the nomination "Person of the Year in Sports Activity" Olga Sergeeva told us about her life, professional development and studies at Moscow Poly. 

Olga Sergeeva is a second year student in the field of Economics of the Cheboksary Institute (branch) of Moscow Poly. 

The winner combines training in two educational institutions, the second of which is Cheboksary school of Olympic reserve. 

Olga is a multiple winner and medalist of the Championship of the Chuvash Republic, winner of the all-Russian competition of the regional stage "Student of the Year 2020" in the nomination "Sportsman of the Year" of educational institutions of higher education, champion and three-time prize-winner of Russia in track and field athletics. 

At the age of 16, the student received a degree of candidate for master of sports in long-distance running, in 2020 and in 2021, she was included in the Russian national track and field team at the distance of 3000 and 5000 m. 

About combining sports and educational activities:

 I have to get up at 6-7 in the morning every day to achieve the planned sports and educational results. I devote all my free time to studying, even weekends are usually spent this way.

 Even when there are training camps or competitions, I take all the study tasks with me - that is, I study remotely. And so I pass all the examination periods perfectly. 

I get a storm of different feelings, positive emotions and strength from sports because I put all the negative emotions in training, and besides, thanks to sports, I do everything in time.

 About the sports path, the role of university and the main victories: 

My favorite distance in athletics is 5000 and 3000 m, as I have excellent endurance, which I have trained since childhood, helping my parents with the household. 

It should be noted that I started training only at the age of 15, moreover, it was in the village, as I wanted to finish grades 10-11. 

I used to train and still continue to train now according to the plan of the famous coach - Mikhail Pavlovich Kuznetsov (he trains Olympic champions and medalists). After the 11th grade, I entered Cheboksary Institute of Moscow Polytechnic University, where I began to participate more in various events. 

For example, last year I took part in the All-Russian Olympiad of the Youth Union of Economists and Financiers (MSEF), and of course, I became the winner. 

In 2020, I participated in the conference on economics (winner), and most recently at the regional competition "Student of the Year" I became the winner in the category "Athlete of the Year". With the advent of university education in my life, I became much more active. 

About the "Peak" award, winning it and plans for the future: 

In December, I decided to take part in the competition of the "Peak" award in the category "Person of the Year in Sports activity".

 Of course, I didn't think I'd be a winner. No doubt I was very happy. I thank Moscow Polytechnic University for the warm welcome and such generous gifts.

 I think that after graduation I will become even more experienced in the field of economics. Most likely, if there are excellent results in sports, I will continue to move along the same path and simultaneously go to the master's program.

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