March 2024

New Elaboration by Moscow Polytech to Help Eliminate Counterfeits from Russian Market

An original counterfeit protection has been created by Moscow Polytech under supervision of the University professor Alexander Kondratov. The elaboration should solve the problem of spreading of counterfeited and fabricated products. The technology has already been partially tested in labs and a patent taken out by the university

The essence of the elaboration lies in a multilayer technology of design and manufacturing, as well as watermarking of polymer products. Such watermarking method is created for each batch, integrated to the producing materials, which allows to adopt a groundbreaking protection approach. The technology allows to practically eliminate counterfeiting. At the same time, the marketing cost of the solution is considerably lower than others. Apart from that, mass counterfeiting becomes pointless, and a lot more products receive watermarking: from children`s toys to modern electronics.

“Thanks to the combination of perforation, thermal treatment and thermal welding of multilayer films we`re able to create pleochroism-effect optically variable watermarking that`s practically impossible to fabricate. It`s formed directly in the depth of a polymer materials during production of a packaging”, – says Moscow Polytech professor Alexander Kondratov.

The next stage for the authors of the project will be scaling production in order to adopt the technology at production of polymer packaging.

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