March 2023

Moscow Poly Participates in “Art Russia Fair” Modern Arts Fair

In the period between March 20 and April 2, the “Art Russia Fair” exhibition of modern arts is taking place in Moscow. The new Moscow Poly cluster “Art Polytech” is taking part in the project for the first time presenting the “Sergei Fedotov`s Nature”.

All willing can visit the exhibition in Gostiny Dvor. Also, please, check the official website.

The Moscow Poly booth will display the paintings by the artist Sergei Fedotov who is also a theoretical physicist.

According to Moscow Poly specialists fr om “Art Polytech”, the project aims at discovering the importance of art and culture for the fundamental understanding of our connection to engineering and technology and wh ere this connection has been leading us to in the course of last decades.

Moscow Poly prepared a project brochure that`ll also be displayed at the booth.

This year, over 100 artists, sculptors, photographers and other men of art will present their works at the “Art Russia”.

For reference: artist Sergei Fedotov graduated from MSU faculty of physics after which he discovered his interest in art. Today, Sergei`s works are displayed in Kolodzei Art Foundation (Highland Park, New Jersey, USA), Coral Springs Museum of Art (Florida, USA), Tula Museum of Visual Arts; A.D.Glaser`s Collection, R.Rothschild`s Collection (USA). The works decorate the “NOVATEK” interiors, private collections of collectors from Russia, France, Germany, USA, and “Valentin Ryabov`s Gallery” collections.

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