July 2021

Moscow Polytechnic University met with Rio de Janeiro Polytech (POLI UFRJ)

There was a meeting of Moscow Polytechnic University (Moscow Poly) and Rio de Janeiro Polytech (POLI UFRJ) on June 29.
Professors Pablo Iturralde and Fernando Castro Pinto could talk about the multiple projects and the current stages from academic teams to industrial applications.
Professor Fernando Castro is a senior specialist in Noise, Vibration (Mechanical Engineering Program) and holds position at Poli UFRJ as Innovation and Tech director. He is also responsible for the academic teams and  supports many comercial projects involving UFRJ clients.

The meeting was an initiative of Professor Krykhtin (Industrial Engineering Department at Poli UFRJ).

The main discussion was focused on academic teams interaction involving the projects with cars. 
Professor Krykhtin is developing with Anastasia Kolesnikova (Moscow Poly) the links and gathering information from both sides aiming to prepare working plans. He considered the meeting a first step as well as he explained that the cooperation was not restricted by academic teams. UFRJ is the major Brazilian university and develops technology in many fields, the university is expecting a wide cooperation. UFRJ provides many solutions for Oil and Gas at Brazil working in many initiatives with Petrobras and presents a relevant contribution for the presalt exploration development.
The cooperation will also provide a great experience in cultural exchange.

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