February 2024

Moscow Polytech Students Work on Projects by BMW Dealers

For the 8th season, the international leading car and bike manufacturer BMW has been cooperating with Moscow Polytech in the framework of “Project Activity” discipline.

Every half year students visit the BMW training center to meet the company representatives who are sharing the difficulties that the dealership centers face. After discussion, there is outlining for plans for the semester: the tasks are being distributed and the groups specializing in the area of concern are being formed. This semester the students are engaged in 5 projects to increase HR management at dealer centers of the company.

BMW Group doesn`t tall us what to do, the representatives are talking about the difficulties that the employees face. The students` task is to develop the solution”, – explains the project curator Vladimir Nikolskiy.

Every large company needs its processes of information collection, new employee trainings and candidate evaluation to be fast and convenient. That`s exactly what Moscow Polytech students are doing this year – trying to figure out how facilitate the process of receiving HR reports, and develop interactive courses to train new employees, develop unified platform for evaluation of candidates in the process of hiring:

  • Designing portrait of the target audience – client that may potentially be interested in mini cars; and
  • Understanding the qualities that are necessary for a sales floor administrator to successfully sell Mini cars.

The resulted strategy is a real project that the company implemented.

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