December 2023

Moscow Polytech Students Visit «Dream Island» under Educational Program by LG

The new educational project launched by LG Electronics service department at Moscow Polytech held a practical class at one of the largest European entertainment complex – “Ostrov Mechty” (“Dream Island”). This visit concluded the basic course called “Principles and Basics of Ventilation Systems and Conditioning” having demontrated results of work carried out by several teams of professionals under the project implemented by the partner.


Having studied the part of the course and added additional knowledge to the basic part of the curriculum, all students received a unique opportunity to talk to the specialists from the object operation service and discuss the details with the teachers from the conditioning Academy. Having inspected the whole cycle (from industrial complexes to the final point of consumption, the students assesse the scale of implementation and the prospects to develop industrial design in the future).

“The Dream Island is the largest project implemented under the multipolar cooperation with the use of our LG Multu V5 industrial units. Taking in account the scale of the complex, the uniqueness of the solution and the mode of operations, we consider this object the most interesting to demonstrate to the aspiring specilaists as an example of multifaceted operation of the machinery and technology in the sphere of urban planning. It`s not only beneficial for students to study the theory but also get introduced to the design programs, as well as seeing the process of implementation face-to-face. We`re proud to share expertise with the youth and are looking forward to see them among other specialists”, – comments the head of the “LG Electonics Russia” technical support service under the department for conditionig Artyom Talanskiy.

Considering how unique the object is its complex infrastructure and the operation mode of the year-round entertainment cluster “Dream Island”, the specialists of the company have accomplished a task of using 118 LG Multi V5 industrial units that are used as compressor-condensing blocks for input ventilation and 12 Multi V5 blocks in V5 configuration with 93 internal blocks being connected. The total refrigeration capacity on the equipment installed amounts to over 10 MW.

“The ‘Dream Island’ is a recreation area for all family, and our task is to ensure non-stop operation of this impressing complex that engages thousands of modern equipment units and high-tech devices. The new generation of engineers doesn`t only pick up the high standards but also great learning opportunities. That`s why our shared work under this educational project lays the groundwork for the future. It`s necessary to pass the experience and engage the youth into the profession”, – comments the chief engineer for the “OOO Park Razvlecheniy” Alexander Makarov.

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