April 2024

Moscow Polytech Students Participate in Donor Day by LG Electronics

Traditionally, Russian celebrated a National Donor Day on 20 April. The day before LG Electronics together with the University community under support of Blood Center under the Federal Medical-Biological Agency held 115th Donor Day. One of the first people to respond were Moscow Polytech students.


Not only students but also company employees, medics, business community representatives and volunteers joined the event. The key goal of the Donor Day was to support the tradition of blood donorship especially in the year of family, and also apart from passing the knowledge, pass the true values of kindness in addition to knowledge to the next generation.

In addition to that, LG organized a series of activities aimed at promoting the culture of donorship. Thus, representatives of the Russian Red Cross, the oldest organization humanitarian organization, held an interactive activation for the participants of the campaign. During the workshop “Warm Cup”, the participants painted china cups personally adding up warm wishes and words to cheer up people who are undertaking a long-term treatment at medical organizations.

It`s worth noticing that it`s 115th Donor Day campaign. During this period of time, over 32 000 lives have been saved.

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