March 2024

Moscow Polytech Students Get Acquainted with Rare State Archive Exhibits

The first Archive OPENSPACE meeting was held at Moscow Polytechnic University. The meeting took place on the eve of Archives Day.


Specialists from the Federal Archive of Scientific and Technical Documentation, together with the invited guests, shared with students how to find the materials they are interested in, saw Lenin's real handwriting, looked at Pushkin's drawings and heard Gagarin's voice.

At the event, students also learned about why Archives Day is celebrated on March 10, how long it takes to find the right folder in the vault and how to access secret documents. Also, Sergey Dobrenky, candidate of historical sciences, lecturer at the Historical and Archival Institute of the RSUH, explained how to search your ancestors through the archives and build a family tree.


Experts specifically focused on folder that Russian president Vladimir Putin handed to American journalist Tucker Carlson during an interview. This was the real archive folder made of acid-free cardboard with copies of the most important government documents.

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