April 2024

Moscow Polytech Students Become Winners in “Graphic Worlds” Competition

The results of the remote stage of the All-Russian Student Graphic Design Competition «Graphic Worlds» were announced at the Stieglitz Academy. The majority of the prize-winning places were taken by students of the Institute of Graphics and Book Art named after V.A. Favorsky of Moscow Polytechnic University.

“In almost all categories, the laureates became are students of Moscow Polytechnic University. This, in my opinion, is quite logical: in the field of book design, the Institute of Graphics and Book Art preserves and actively develops long-standing traditions that date back to Moscow Polygraphic Institute. The same applies to illustration and various printmaking techniques, which are taught at the Institute with enthusiasm and passion”, comments professor of the department of Artistic and Technical Design of Printed Products at Favorsky Institute of Graphics and Book Art Innokentiy Keleynikov

Nomination “Book Design”

Laureate – Buling Veronika Sergeevna

1st place – Belova Arina Alekseevna & Titova Maria Igorevna

2nd place – Pravosudova Margarita Sergeevna & Dudkina Anna Igorevna

3rd place – Nelyubova Elizaveta Alekseevna

Nomination “Illustration”

Laureate – Chernyshevskaya Elizaveta

1st place – Avakyants Anna Pavlovna

2nd place – Egina Sofia

3rd place – Romanovsky Kirill Sergeevich & Yampolskaya Elizaveta Igorevna

Nomination “Font Art”

1st place – Gerik Alexandra Andreevna

2nd place – Platonova K. E.

Nomination “Book for Children”

Laureate – Golovchenko Maria Pavlovna

1st place – Elizaveta Aleksandrovna Fedulova

2nd place – Sazhenova Alina & Golubeva Anna Nikolaevna

3rd place – Olshanskaya Kira & Fedorova Alexandra Petrovna

Nomination “Printprint (linocut)”

Laureate – Moroz Anna

2nd place – Shipilina Ksenia

3rd place – Teploukhova Ksenia “Self-portrait” & Victoria Cherepyanskaya

Nomination “Printprint (lithography)”

1st place – Evgeniy Novak

2nd place – Kostenko Maria

3rd place – Ivushkina Maria

3rd place – Sidorova Alexandra

Nomination “Printmaking (etching)”

1st place – Oskolkova Evdokia

2nd place – Gorda Anna

3rd place – Antonina Vadimovna

In 2024, the exhibition-competition “Graphic Worlds” was dedicated to the anniversaries of great Russian writers: A.S. Pushkin`s 225th anniversary, Yu.K. Olesha`s 125th anniversary, M. Yu. Lermontov`s 210th anniversary.

The theme of the Great Patriotic War in 2024 is timed to coincide with the Day of the complete liberation of Leningrad from the fascist blockade.

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