December 2023

Moscow Polytech Student Became Diplomat at Scientific Conference in Modern Technologies in Medicine

Moscow Polytech student Denis Pakhomov who studies the master program “Medical Intellectual Systems” at the department for infocognitive technologies under the faculty of Information Technologies presented his scientific work entitled “Application of Aftificial Neural Networks in Ishemic Stoke Diagnostics Based on Native Computed Tomography Images” at the conference for young scientits – “Modern Digital Technologies in Medicine”

Ishemic stroke is asocially important dicease with a high mortality rate and disablement both in Russia and around the world. The early disgnosis of eshemic stroke and detecting the scale of the damaged area are the crucial factors that influence both the tretment strategy and effeciency of reperfusion intervention, that , in their turn, are directly related to the extent of reduction of a patient`s neurologic impairment.

Using eurological networks and methods of computer vision allow to objectively and in a prompt manner detect the damage area, differentialize the areas of a fresh stroke and old lesions. These methods allow to speed up the eshemic stroke diagnosis, which allows the medics to carry out a timely and effective and treatment.

“The further development of the scinetific work is the increase in variability of the training data acquired through various CT scanners. The crucial aspect of the further work is detecting the hemorragic conversion lesions in the areas of acute eshemia.”, the participant of the conference Denis Pakhomov shares.

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