December 2023

Moscow Polytech Presented Results under “Priority 2030” Program for 2023

Moscow Polytech representatives summed up the results having implemented several projects under the” Priority 2030” strategic leadership program and presented them to the commission.

Moscow Polytech president Vladimir Miklushevskii noted that under collaboration with industrial partners the University focuses on addressing current challenges: developing national car manufacturing technologies, localization of car component parts and their import phase-out. 


“Our strategic goal within the ‘’Priority 2030’ program is to establish an engineering bureau for electric transport and the first Russian school for electric transport. In 2023, we established 5 new engineering centers, implemented a series of projects assigned by the industrial partners – ‘Avtotor Holdig’, ‘KAMAZ’ research center, ‘Merkator Holding’ and ‘Concordia’ and others. Among the key achievements – development of a compact and available urban electric L7-class car, a range of R&D works don to transfer passenger and utility vehicles of the capital into electric haulage, as well as developing an intellectual system of operating housing and public utilities”, – Vladimir Miklushevskii shared.


When it comes to developing a multifaceted unmanned platform under assistance of “Condordia”, the goal that Moscow Polytech strives for is developing a self-driving module and systems of operating robotic tools for road cleaning. Currently, a prototype of an intellectual system for operating housing-and-public-utility vehicles has been created and remote testing carried out.

On the base of the Engineering Bureau, there have been 5 new engineering centers established at Moscow Polytech:

Center for Virtual Testing – development of digital models and design support tools.

Engineering and Methodical Center – development of a unified methodology of project management and implementation of quality management system.

Center for Engineering Support – manufacturing of details and component parts for the project implementation, as well as training new employees to operate industrial machines.

Center for Engineering Development – implementation of projects in the sphere of automotive engineering, carrying out engineering tests and training specialists.

Center for Reverse Engineering and Standardization – implementation of engineering projects and assignments in the sphere of reverse engineering, as well as development and introduction of benchmarks at an enterprise.

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