March 2024

Moscow Polytech Partners with Forum Festival “Literary Flagship of Russia”

On 22 May, Russian National Library Congress will start its work, whereas the forum festival “Literary Flagship of Russia” will take place in the period between May 23-25 and will be held under assistance of Moscow Polytechnic University.

Moscow Polytech is going to hold and educational intensive program called “Handmade Interactive Cinema” for students of Kazan Federal University – Moscow Polytech senior lecturer Egor Tushilin`s laboratory “Artistic-Technical design of Printed Products”

The lab aims to teach students and creative youth to create their own interactive movies (interactive video stories) with various plots. The participants will master the whole range of instruments and methods of producing their personal interactive movies, learn to create interactive plots, come up with directing transitions between the cuts, shoot and compile their interactive video projects. All stories will be related to a book, literature and reading infrastructure and the festival.

Within the laboratory there`ll be the following lectures and workshops held:

  • Stand up shows for infant-age directors” – entertaining lecture by an author and script writer Sergei Chumakov to improve creative skills in script writing;
  • “The art of pitching and self-presentation” – workshop by theater director, actress and media coach Olga Gorlova театрального;
  • Creative meeting “How to create popular fantasy worlds” with Sergei Chekmaev

The laboratory will end with a joint watching, analysis and pitching of the best movies.

In the framework of forum there`ll be a one-day educational program for International Contest “Book of the Future” – “Art of Pitching and Self-Presentation”. It will be held by a theater director, actress and media coach Olga Gorlova.

Also, Moscow Polytech employees and invited experts will take part in a round table “Book of the Future: what will be put on shelves in 2050”.

“Digital technologies are rapidly changing our lives, became a trend and strategy for economy development. The digital future has already come: artificial intelligence reads out books, creates book cover design, becomes the underlying basis for recommendations. Employers` requirements to young specialists: nowadays we don`t need just editors or even literature publishing project directors, but digital creative project producers. Where and how to train such specialists? How to help youth change their educational trajectory in a fast and proper manner, cover as many competencies as possible including digital ones to be most successful in a book industry”, – comments Moscow Polytech creative director Ekaterina Khokhlogorskaya.

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