December 2023

Moscow Polytech “New Library” to Hold Joint Event with “Mosgortrans”

On November 9, the “New Library” strategic project held by Moscow Polytech invites all willing to attend an event – “All Four Wheels” organized together with “Mosgortrans”. The topic of the quiz will be the history of transport development.

In the course of the whole evolution of the humankind, out strive to research the surrounding world and interact with it has multiply lead us to astonishing discoveries in transport sphere. Starting from the wheel invention to modern high-speed trains and airplanes – we came up with a variety of ways to move along various distances by land or by sea. The evolution of vehicles has overcome the path from the first airship to the first space flight. Now is the time to find out more about it.

The warm atmosphere, tea, sweets and entertaining quiz. And the winners will be awarded the presents.

The formed teams can be registered at the link.

Come on December 9 at 18:00 at Bolshaya Semyonovskaya street, 38, office H-416.

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