January 2024

Moscow Polytech International Students and Guests Visit Exhibition “Diverse East”

On January 25, Moscow Polytech art space opened an artistic exhibition called “Diverse East” devoted to the cultural traditions of the peoples of Africa, Middle East and Central Africa.


The first to visit the exhibition were Moscow Polytech students, representatives of embassies and international universities. On the list of those invited were:

Sarvari Abdullah (embassy advisor for education Islamic Republic of Afghanistan),

Hamdani Ishteak Dayed (chief of beraue Sada-e-Rus, Pakistan), Mussa Adel George (founder and chief editor of the portal AllRussia, Syrian Arab Republic),Bak Hadi (Attaturk University professor, Turkey), Yan Chunlei (Shadun Unviersity professor, China).

In the beginning of the exbibition the vice-president for international affairs Yulia Davydova congratulated students on the Russian Students Day that was celebrated during the exhibition.

Hamdani Ishteak Dayed Hussain presented the vice-president with a traditional-style jewel case from Pakistan having praised (her) huge contribution to the development of international relations of the University.

Also in the framework of the event, there has been held a lecture by the MSU post-graduate student Alexander Drogovoz on the topic of “Political Diversity of Middle East”. Among other things, the speech touched upon such important issues as international trade, education and cooperation between Russia and Euroasian countries.

“Russia`s close cooperation with China, as well as other countries of the Euroasian space represents the guarantee of security and progressive economic development in the region”, concluded Alexander Drogovoz.

International students and guests of the event have highly appreciated the event:

"I really like the exhibition. I`m glad the University provides such an opportunity to see various paintings devoted to my home country and get used to the culture of other countries”, – said Madalena Kampush Fernandu.


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