April 2024

Moscow Polytech Holds Space Hour

On April 12, Moscow Polytech held a thematic event commemorated to Space Day. Over 300 participants met a pilot astronaut Sergei Avdeev and got an opportunity to learn more about space and visited workshops by the University teachers.

Sergei V. Avdeev is a hero of the Russian Federation, pilot astronaut who spent 747 days in space, made 10 sorties to open space with the total duration of over 42 hours. The famous guest shared how the International Space Station looks like, talked about working as an onboard engineer and what skills are vital for astronauts.

Sergei Avdeev shared the stories about his flights, the basics preparations that astronauts make before and after the flights, as well as the after-flight recovery. The presentation was accompanied by the archive photos fr om 1990s, wh ere astronauts did what pretty much all astronauts do on a daily basis when they`re out in space: catching floating sphere-shaped drops of water, tying themselves to treadmill during the exercise. The participants asked many questions about the space station, pre-flight preparation and life in no gravity.

“It was very interesting to listen firsthand to how everything actually is. And the video about everyday routine on the orbital station was a great addition”, shared students.

Sergei Vasilievich also shared what preparation astronauts undertake and what difficulties come around when coming back to Earth, for example. 


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