December 2023

Moscow Polytech Holds Exhibition “Comics and Pictured Stories”

On December 5, held the opening of the “Comics and Pictured Stories” exhibition that displays approximately 70 works. All of them are the results of students` course, diploma and project works submitted in the course of the 12 years of teaching the discipline at Moscow Polytech. Up to December 18, anyone interested will be able to visit the exhibition and personally see the stories pictured.


Moscow Polytech introduced the study of comics into the curriculum in 2011. That became an interesting experiment that lead to the appearance of the now familiar discipline called “Comics and Painted Stories” implemented under “Graphics”.

Comics today is one of the relevant forms of graphic art. Were teaching student to treat comics as a form of art, we teach them to be unique and find ones own artistic language. Thanks to this experiment, we were able to see many most interesting works that eventually are displayed at this exhibition – shares the assistant professor for the department of “Illustration and Engraving” and organizer of the exhibition Georgy Makhashvili.

There are plans to take the “Comics and Painted Stories” exhibition to a beyond-university level in the future and hold it at other cultural-educational platforms.

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