April 2024

Moscow Polytech Discusses Prospects of AI Implementation

On April 18, 2024, the Faculty of Economics and management at Moscow Polytechnic hosted an international scientific conference titled "Artificial intelligence in the context of global challenges: technological horizons and prospects," organized in partnership with the Institute of Scientific Communications. The event focused on artificial intelligence (AI) in the context of global challenges and served as a vital platform for exchanging knowledge and developing strategies at the intersection of science and technology.

Professor Elena Gennadyevna Popkova, both a conference partner and a speaker, presented a profound analysis of the socio-humanitarian aspects of AI, highlighting its current and potential applications in Russia and Uzbekistan. Her presentation emphasized the importance of ethical and social dimensions of AI technologies and their impact on improving the quality of life.

The conference featured diverse presentations from both Russian and international colleagues. Tatyana Ivanovna Kuzmina discussed AI's impact on the economic development of African countries, highlighting its potential as a tool for economic transformation. This report was particularly relevant in the context of exploring new approaches to sustainable development in the region.


International scholars actively participated in the discussions. Professor Tijani Forgor Alhassan from Ghana shared his vision on the role of AI in sustainable economic development, proposing strategies for implementing intelligent technologies in developing countries.

Noteworthy were the contributions of Faisal Javaid and Muhammad Faisal Sadiq, a PhD and a master's degree holder, assistant professor and researcher from the Federal Urdu University of Arts, Sciences, and Technology in Karachi. Their presentation at the conference covered key aspects of AI application in complex global contexts, presenting innovative ideas for addressing contemporary challenges. Their research emphasized the deep understanding needed for AI's potential in transforming social and technological systems internationally.

Additionally, a student session allowed young researchers from Moscow Polytechnic to showcase their studies on AI's impact on various professional fields, including marketing and management. Students such as Ivan Isaichkin and Dmitry Kuzevanov presented their findings on partnerships and substitutions in AI-related professions, sparking significant interest among participants. An important moment was Dmitry Kostin's presentation on ethical issues in AI use in cybersecurity, which stimulated vigorous discussion on the moral and legal aspects of new technologies. Students from the Moscow Polytechnic Scientific Society actively participated in the discussions.


The closing plenary session highlighted that the best works would be published in an international scientific book indexed in the Scopus database, marking an important step for further development of scientific research and practical application of AI. This not only strengthens the academic reputation of the participants but also promotes the dissemination of their ideas internationally.

Thanks to the dean of the Faculty of Economics and Management, Anton Vladimirovich Nazarenko, whose role was crucial in organizing the conference at a high level, the event was a success. Special attention deserves Anna Viktorovna Shkalenko, Ph.D. in Economics, associate professor of the science sector at Moscow Polytechnic, and the conference's inspirational ideator, for her contribution to forming the scientific program and selecting relevant topics for discussion. Equal gratitude goes to Elena Eduardovna Alenina, who acted as the conference moderator. Her professionalism and ability to lead discussions contributed to a productive and constructive discussion of all reports and presentations, adding dynamics and structure to the conference.

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