October 2021

Moscow Poly Young Scientists

We continue to tell you about scientists, who develop science both at Moscow Poly and beyond its bounds. Todays’ guest is Ksenia Savinkova, a “Material pressure treatment and additive technologies” department assistant and the Head of FEA at OOO “Yudiks”.

Tell us about yourself: where are you from, where do you study now. If you have already graduated, what is your current activity?

I am Ksenia Savinkova and I am , a “Material pressure treatment and additive technologies” department assistant and the Head of FEA at OOO “Yudiks”. I graduated from Moscow Poly (MGTU MAMI) in 2004 with a degree in “Material pressure treatment machines and technology”. In 2021 I finished my PhD in “Mechanical engineering” and currently I am getting prepared for my thesis defense on the subject “Gas molding”.

Why did you decide to go for science? Tell us about your first steps, who did inspire you to start you scientific activity? Was it a film or a book, maybe?

I have always seen my professors and my farther as examples. By the way, my farther is a Doctor of Engineering Science and a State Award holder. I think I may say that science has always been in our family. I started my scientific way when I applied for a PhD program in 2017.

Were your so-called scientific expectations satisfied? Are the results of your current research in demand?

 My thesis subject is in a really high demand and some of the results are already applied in the industry.

What is your biggest inspiration? What is the most interesting part of your work?

The most interesting part for me is the results verification and comparison of the computer modeling of oxy-fuel gas welding and the data, received via an experimental way in compliance with initial parameters. The creation of so-called material and processes database for other scientists or industrial workers.

Tell us about your plans for the future. Are you planning to continue your scientific activity? In which direction? Are you planning to continue your professional formation (Candidate of Science, etc.)?

After the defense procedure I am planning to start my teaching activity at my Department.

How has Moscow Poly contributed to your scientific development?

First of all, I cannot help to mention the Department workers, as they have always guided me. When you’re staring at a dead end, someone’s opinion or piece of advice might be priceless.

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