September 2022

Moscow Poly to Draft Road Map with ‘Russian Automotive Dealers’ Association and ‘Business Car’ Corporate Group

Moscow Poly held the first business meeting for the University administration members with the representatives of the ‘Russian AutoDealers’ association and ‘Business Car’ corporate group. At the meeting, the possible prospects for cooperation were discussed that would serve the basis for building the road map.


In particular, the possible ways that partners can influence on the education programs content were touched upon. The participants mentioned the importance of professional orientation activities, practicums and employment for students, as well as further professional training and retraining, training of managing personnel members in the industry. The questions of students` engagement into pre-sales and sales services, etc.

According the head of the “Unified Database for ROAD Practices” project Vitaly Kakurin, the ultimate goal of the joint activity is training highly qualified specialists to work in automotive industry. For that, the ROAD association has founded a unified practice base that unites dealers from Ural, Moscow, St.Petersburg who are ready to offer students position for internships. The program is currently implemented at secondary professional educational institutions only, however starting from this year, the Association intends to start close cooperation with HEIs.

Special attention has been given to the issue of forming the “SVE –HE” unified educational trajectory.

The vice-president for academic affairs Guzel Shripzyanova has shared with those present how Moscow Poly interacts with institutions of secondary vocational education.

“Today, Moscow Poly cooperates with 58 colleges. We are one of four universities entering ‘Professionalitet’ project under which the students within 4 years are supposed to acquire the scope of knowledge equal to the both the college and university knowledge”, - shared the vice-president.

The participants noted that the first joint programs could become, for example, “Electrosecurity” and “Labor Safety”.

Guzel Sharipzyanova has also informed the guests about the targeted trainings and loyalty programs for employees and their kids.


The head of the Advanced Engineering School (AES) Pablo Iturralde has talked on students` project activity that, according to him, should be exciting for students and beneficial for businesses.

The Head of the CPCCM (Council for Professional Competencies in Car Manufacturing) Committee for Professional Education in Car Manufacturing, ROAD association HR-Committee deputy chairperson Sergei Kozhukhov, summarizing the results, drawn attention to the constructive nature of the meeting.

“Today, we have discussed cooperation matters with Moscow poly – the key University that trains specialists in engineering for car manufacturing industry. We`ve learnt about the areas and key projects that the University carries out, and been demonstrated how by decent efforts can create the synergy of interaction with each other. That`s the special projects implemented by the University in the sphere of further training, and the realization of social projects in the sphere of supporting dealer center employee falling under 50+ age group or are their family members and relatives. It`s also extremely interesting how the targeted training based on the University capacities is carried out. We can be really beneficial for each other in terms of employment, too. The questions are too many, we`ll collect the necessary data and make the road map ”, - said Sergei Kozhukhov.


For reference: “Russian AutoDealers (ROAD)” association is a professional Russian Union of official dealers, founded in 1994. The Association today represents interests of over 1,300 dealer centers. The ratio of companies-ROAD members is equal to 70% of car sales in Russia. The association members carry out their activity almost all territory of Russia. ROAD experts form the working groups under the State Duma of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Industry and Trade.


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