August 2022

Moscow Poly to Discuss Book Industry Development Prospects at “Book of the Future” International Festival

Moscow Poly will hold the “Book of the Future” international scientific practical conference. At the forum, specialists will discuss the relevant issues of the industry: what future books and writers should be like, how did young people`s preferences changed in XXIth and how should these changes be approached.

Find out more about the conference here.

The opening ceremony will be held on 24 August from 10:30 to 11:00am at the learner`s block on Pavla Korchagina street, 22.

The welcoming remarks will be delivered by Moscow Poly president, Vladimir Miklushevskii and the director general of the “Eksmo” publishing house Evgeny Kapiev, and the head of the Russian Book Union committee for international cooperation.

The “Business” section will last from 11:00 to 14:20 and will be opened by Evgeny Kapiev`s report on “Future of Book Industry and What Is Needed to Be Done to Keep Books an Integral Part of the Civilization?”

Pascal van der Berg, the founder and director general of “Payot”, Switzerland will talk on future book distribution and infrastructure.

Rossiyskaya Knizhnaya Palata [Book Chamber of Russia] acting director Konstantin Antipov will approach the book as a civilization choice.

Whereas, master of sciences Senja Požar, Mladinska knjiga and Cankarjeva založba publishing houses, Slovenia will devote her speech (in English) to the “Future of the Book and Reading”.

Among other speakers, there is also the president of the Intellectual Property Federation, Sergei Matveev with a report entitled “What Will the Rights Administration and Protection System Be Like in the Future?”; “ROSMEN” publishing house director, Boris Kuznetsov with a report entitled “Children Books and Reading Transformation. Key Areas and Threats”; co-founder of the “Myth” publishing house; author of the telegram channel CEO Readz, Artem with a report entitled “Future of Reading” and other prominent experts in book industry.

Evgeny Kapiev and Svetlana Zorina, as well as the lead editor of the “Book Industry” journal and the head of the Russian Book Union committee for reading promotion will take up the roles of hosts.

The “Art, Culture and Creative Industries” will be held on 24 August from 15:20 till 18:00.

The “Roskulturcenter” and “Russian Creative Week” festival forum director, president of the Russian Book Union committee for relations with state and public organizations and library community Marina Abramova will share her opinion on the “Role that books play in the concept of creative industry development”.

At the event, Stroganov Moscow State Academy of Design and Applied Arts prominent art history experts, Alexander Lavrientiev and Ekaterina Lavrientieva will take the floor talking about the “New Book Space and Scenario Approach”.

The state Tretyakov Gallery custodian, Elena Rymshina is to deliver a report on “Book Renaissance in 2000s. About heroes and humanitarians in the book publishing industry”.

Moscow Poly “Art and Technical Design of Printed Products” senior lecturer, Egor Tulin, in his turn, will talk on “Reading and Interaction. News Ways of Reading Electronic Editions”. Among other participants, there will be representatives from various creative universities, unions and organizations.

The hosts of the event will be the chief editor of the “Universitetskaya Kniga” [The University Book] journal; alongside with the president of the RBU committee for online resources and transformation of book market; Moscow Poly creative director, Ekaterina Khokhlogorskaya; and RBU committee for specialist training and professional training in book publishing industry.

For reference: the conference will be held by Moscow Poly under assistance of the Russian Book Union, “Eksmo” publishing house, “Book Publishing Industry” journal; “The University Book” journal. Partners: “Roskulturcenter”, “Creative Economics” ANO; “Prosveshcheniye” [Education] publishing house; “Russkiy Mir” [Russian World] publishing house; Center the German Book/ Frankfurt Book Fair Representation in Moscow.

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